Tips and Tricks for Your Resume in the Aviation Industry

Jan 30, 2023 | kstrickland

This past Friday, APA Services hosted their second-ever Resume Building Workshop Webinar. We heard from experienced recruiters like Alex, on all the tips and tricks to making an aviation resume look perfect and polished. But don't worry if you weren't able to attend. Here are some of the absolute must do's for your aviation resume that will be sure to help you land the contracting job of your dreams.


How Should it Look?

Your resume is the very first thing a hiring manager will see about you, so if you can demonstrate your experience in a clear and professional manner, it can make all the difference. First and foremost, it is incredibly important to make sure your resume looks and feels cohesive. In order to do this, make sure your style and format is the same throughout. Using the same font, size, spacing, and template throughout to show your previous job experience can make a big difference.


What to Include

On your aviation industry, it is super important to include multiple things.

  • Always include your full legal name. If you choose to go by a nickname (like Bob for Robert), you can include this in quotations, however your name on your resume must match what appears on your driver's license.

  • Give a brief general job summary about your primary career goals and how it aligns with your work experience. This is a great place to get specific, include any training and licenses you may have, list what aircraft you have experience on, and more!

  • Include all of your previous job experience for the past 10 years. Even if you were unemployed or took a break from the aviation industry, clients want to know what you've been up to!

  • Put your work history dates in the format of Month/Year.

  • Always include a full job description under each previous job. Make sure to be specific here as well -- including exactly were you doing and what aircrafts were you working on.

  • List the name of the contract house next to the client you worked for if you have contracted before.

  • Make sure all GenFams are listed on your resume, as well as any licenses and their numbers.

  • If you are a dual skilled contractor, make sure your resume is tailored job you are applying for.

  • If you have any education that is applicable to the job you are applying for, include a section for previous courses taken with the dates, location, name of school, and a short summary on the course or certification.

If you follow this simple outline on what to include on your resume, you are certain to be successful on your first round of application! While APA will help you out with your resume before submitting you to a client, it is surely helpful to keep an updated, neat and consistent resume to allow for quick application. Another way to do this is to always have an updated resume on your phone for easy access. Additionally, keeping important documents like your licenses and GenFams on your phone can be exponentially helpful.


About Contracting

Contracting in the aviation industry has a plethora of benefits. There are a wide variety of jobs that are available for contract workers, especially specific projects and seasonal work that you may not be able to come across in a direct hire position. Contracting also allows for you to stay up to date on the latest technology and practices as you are moving from company to company. Due to the nature of contracting, you are also able to "shop before you buy" -- meaning, you get to test out the location, the client and their facilities, the team currently working on the project, and more to see if it's a good fit! While there is plenty of opportunity for overtime and to make more money with contracting, many contract houses including APA Services also provide daily expense reimbursement for those traveling from their tax home. Contract houses also provide a dedicated team of support, knowledge, and more to ensure you do not feel alone while you are on assignment.


About APA Services

APA Services has been in the aviation staffing industry for over 20 years. Founded in 1999 by a former structures mechanic, Danny McKee. Mr. McKee brings a unique perspective to APA Services as he was once a contractor in aviation. With that, APA Services brings exceptional customer service and support to the table, along with a team of experienced recruiters, competitive pay, a referral program that pays out monthly, and opportunities all over the United States. After all, at APA it's all about the service. If you're ready to start your dream contracting job, call APA Services at 817-529-4000.

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