The APA difference

We have spent the last 20 years ensuring that our contractors have access to the best and most lucrative opportunities across the country. This is why we are able to offer our contractors the most comprehensive benefits package in the industry and maximize your earning potential.


Top paying opportunities

APA has hundreds of open positions with the leading aviation companies across the US for all trades, so finding the right position for you will be easy.


Industry leading referral plan

APA is offering what no other staffing agency is able to do... the ability for you to earn over $700 for each referral through our Constant Cash program.


Longevity pay

We offer many opportunities to earn longevity bonuses just for staying on assignment and continuing to work with APA Services!


Bonus pay

BONUSES! Come and get a bonus with APA! Many, if not most, assignments offered with APA Services come alongside a bonus offer.


Travel pay

Ask a recruiter today about travel pay! Many of our assignments come with mileage stipends and/or flat fee travel incentives.


Housing pay

Free Housing! That’s right, select assignments will reimburse for housing and/or offer deeply discounted rates! Ask your recruiter for details!


Pay advances

We understand that it can be costly to travel to your next assignment. Let your recruiter know if you would like to request a pay advance!


Insurance plans

APA offers medical, dental and vision coverage plans on the first of the month following 60 calendar days of employment.

When it comes to supporting our contract employee and end customer, we take that privilege seriously. APA has spent the greater part of the last 20 years refining our internal processes and support systems in an effort to be your choice when it comes to selecting a contract employment agency in the aviation industry.

Why APA should be your choice


Client Relationships

APA has spent two decades building long-standing partnerships with top aviation companies in MRO, OEM, and Service Centers. With these client relationships comes hundreds of active aviation positions across the US, Top paying positions and the trusted partnership from the client that APA will be the first to know and the first to fill these positions.

Proven track record

Proven Track Record

In addition to placing you in the top paying positions in aviation, APA has gone above and beyond by creating a referral program that allows you to make supplemental income and can easily make you $300 a month with NO EARNING CAP. No other Contract House in Aviation is offering the ability to earn over $700 a year for just ONE referral.



APA Services wants to continue to build and maintain relationships with our aviation contractors throughout their careers, so we offer a competitive healthcare plan (after 60 days of employment), retention pay opportunities, and a dedicated recruiter to help you with any issues or relocations needs as you continue your journey with APA Services.

APA is the clear choice

In summary, APA is in the best position to maximize the health of your pocketbook regardless of where you would like to work and your specialty. Make it simple and allow us to be the partner that makes landing your next assignment the most profitable and best contractor experience. CONTACT APA TODAY and never look back.

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