Why Contracting Builds a Great Resume in the Aviation Industry

Man holding a Resume

If you are an aviation mechanic, you may already know that most employers require a certain amount of experience depending on the job you are applying for.

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected growth in the number of jobs for aircraft and avionics equipment mechanics and technicians is at 11 percent between 2020 and 2030. Due to this high rise in numbers, the job demand for new mechanics is through the roof – but employers are still requiring previous and sometimes specific experience in the industry.

This experience is crucial for each mechanic to have the correct knowledge of the job they are executing, especially because of the highly meticulous nature of the industry. Choosing to be an independent aviation contractor is an incredibly beneficial way to build this experience and knowledge – and look great on your resume.

The Types of Jobs Available

In the aviation industry, the type of jobs available to aviation mechanics is constantly changing. For contracting jobs specifically, there is a higher chance of seeing temporary or seasonal work that you might not be able to come across in a direct hire position. By choosing your employer through contracting you can pick what projects you’d like to work on, which can be extremely beneficial if you are wanting experience in a certain area of your field.

Updated Knowledge on the Industry

Since a contractor is frequently moving from company to company, this allows for exposure to different technologies, innovations, and updated knowledge on the latest trends within that specific trade. A mechanic only working for one company for an extended period can limit the overall knowledge of the industry and their trade.

Specific Skillset Gain

Even if you are a mechanic who absolutely loves their direct hire position, contracting for a short amount of time could be beneficial to gain a specific skill within their field.

Gain Expertise Outside of Your Field

If you are wanting to step outside of your field, transition to a new field, or just gain a skill your direct field doesn’t offer, contracting is a great solution. Due to the nature of the jobs, there is a huge potential of being able to find a job that meets your needs and still allows you to grow within – and outside – of your specific trade.

Overall, becoming a contractor in the aviation industry is a great career move that can help you look great on paper and allow you to build your knowledge and experience. If you’re interested in making the switch from direct to independent contract work – APA Services can help you make the jump. And if you’re still not sold on why contracting could be the best career move you make, be sure to check out this article by APA.