Why You Should Switch To A Contract Job This Year

The field of aviation offers more opportunities for skilled workers than ever before. The demand for engineers, A&P mechanics, avionics technicians, maintenance, and other positions is snowballing as more people and goods will be traveling.

For example, experts suggest 30% of current aircraft mechanics are at or near retirement age. Companies are beginning to scramble to fill those positions. In many cases, they will call upon contractors to fill the void.  

An outstanding opportunity to gain experience and be exposed to a broader range of situations is to become a contractor who is available to work for specific periods in jobs that may be temporary or seasonal. These situations offer exposure to new ways of doing things, hands-on experience in new equipment and aircraft types, and the ability to pick and choose what you like to do in a variety of locations.

Why Become a Contractor?

  • Independence

As an aviation contractor, you are in a position to choose only the jobs you want, experience new and exciting locations, build your resume, and take advantage of seasonal opportunities. If you work with a top-notch aviation staffing company like APA Services, you may select from hundreds of available positions with some of the top companies.

And, if you want to take time off for other pursuits or personal reasons, contract work allows you the freedom.

  • Flexibility and Variability

With contract work, you can select jobs that last for weeks, months, or even years. During your career, you can work for many different employers with exposure to many different roles.

For those who dislike routine, contracting is a great opportunity.

  • Income

In most instances, contract workers are paid on an hourly basis rather than a salary. Hourly work often means extra pay from overtime work.

Contractors often earn more than full-time employees, take home more pay, and have certain tax deductions that in-house workers do not enjoy.

Also, many employers pay a premium to find qualified contractors to substitute for regular employees during the holidays or to supplement capacity during peak periods. For them, using contract workers for specific periods and projects is far more efficient than recruiting and managing more full-time staff.

Available Work

With the rapid expansion of aviation globally, more companies are turning to contractors to perform many of their operational functions. In most instances, finding a contract job is easier than securing a full-time position.

Scope of Work Experience

Full-time employees are exposed only to the technology and innovation of their company. Contract workers who change jobs periodically often gain experience with many of the latest developments and can upgrade their resumes frequently with more skills and certifications.

Aviation Contract Opportunities with APA Services

Trying to “go it alone” with contract work often limits a contractor’s potential. APA Services, provides a tailored job search platform that links qualified contractors with many of the top companies in aviation.

At any time, APA’s Job Board lists hundreds of temporary positions throughout the United States. As a contractor, you can visit the APA Browse Jobs tab on their website. Simply:

  • Enter your specific trade, i.e. A&P Mechanic, Engineer, Aircraft Painter, Avionics Technician, Upholsterer, Aircraft Inspector, etc.
  • Select the Region of the country you would like to work: Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, West, or South Central.
  • Hit Search to see current job openings that fit your criteria.
  • Read the details.
  • Apply by entering your email address, and one of the APA Recruiters will contact you promptly.

Benefits of Working with APA

Besides opening the door of opportunity to many of the best job contract options, APA Services, with over twenty years of successful experience, also provides:

  • Great pay opportunities
  • Simplified onboarding opportunities
  • Industry-leading referral program
  • Ongoing support during each employment
  • Bonus, Travel, and Housing pay, plus advances for relocation and medical insurance after 60 calendar days of employment

Visit the APA Services website to learn more. You can join the APA Team today by visiting the About Us page of the website.