Why Aviation Contract Service Providers Should Be On Your Radar

As the demand for aviation workers continues to expand, contract service providers (aka Contract Houses) play an essential role in linking companies with qualified aviation workers.

Increasing Demand in All Fields of Aviation

Aviation is facing the potential for severe workforce shortages in almost every discipline. Rising global demand, attrition and the fact that many today’s aviation technicians, mechanics, pilots and engineers are aging out of the industry are all factors that are affecting every phase of commercial and private aviation industry segments.

To emphasize the extent of the labor shortage, United Airlines recently announced they would need to hire at least 10,000 new pilots during the next decade. Boeing has predicted that U.S.-based airlines must add 212,000 new pilots during the next twenty years.

This rising demand also places intense pressure on other critical staffing needs for the manufacturers and maintenance/repair/overall (MRO facilities), for all commercial and private aircraft.

What Functions Do Aviation Contract Services Provider?

Aviation contract houses have long played an essential role in meeting personnel demands for the industry. Whether for long-term, or temp to perm positions, contract houses provide pre-qualified and experienced aviation workers promptly and efficiently to fill essential aviation manpower gaps.

The objective of any successful aviation contract service provider is to offer top-notch, pre-qualified talent to their clients to ensure that their customer commitments are fulfilled on time.  

When placing qualified mechanics, avionics technicians, engineers, pilots and other experienced personnel, aviation contract services companies like APA Services provide support for many of the industries sectors:

  • Commercial aviation
  • Corporate aviation
  • Military OEM support
  • Component repair and manufacturing
  • Aviation engine maintenance, overhaul, and repair services
  • Interior specialty providers

Contract service providers recruit and qualify aviation services specialists with experience in a wide range of disciplines.

Notably, these include workers who are qualified to be:

  • Licensed Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) Mechanics
  • Pilots
  • Avionics Technicians
  • Sheetmetal Mechanics
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Inspectors
  • Cabinet Makers and Finishers
  • Painters
  • Composite Technicians
  • Materials Handlers
  • And many more

How Contract Services Employment Can Work for You

An aviation contract service company like APA Services exists to provide their client companies with qualified candidates to fill much needed critical manpower gaps. Experienced applicants are encouraged to apply. You can select your area of expertise from a directory of categories and then identify a region of within the United States where you have an interest in working.   Next you will simply browse all the open positions and apply for any position of interest.

Each aviation contract service company maintains and updates their Available Job Lists regularly. This roster provides specific details and requirements about each opening, information about the companies, and the location. Here you may apply directly for any jobs for which you are qualified.  Once you have applied for a position, an experienced aviation recruiting professional will reach out to you and assist you in landing your next position!

Advantages of Working with an Aviation Contract Service Company

For the aviation client, the ability to fill much-needed positions almost instantly with qualified personnel saves substantial time and money without the disruption of having to recruit and qualify each candidate. Clients also enjoy the ability to scale their workforce up and down quickly thus allowing better labor budget management.  Lastly and most importantly, clients that use aviation staffing services never have to worry about missing a deliverable deadline for their customers due to a lack of manpower.  A slipped maintenance schedule is a recipe for losing a client.  In this industry, time truly is money!

For the job seeker, the benefits of working with an aviation contract service company like APA Services are substantial. As an employee of APA Services, you will:

  • Gain access to hundreds of job opportunities across the US
  • Have the best recruiting, compliance and payroll team supporting you
  • Receive a weekly paycheck
  • Have medical insurance availability
  • Be eligible for cash advances
  • Receive travel pay or bonuses for specific contracts
  • Gain valuable experience working in different environments
  • Broaden your skill levels, resume, and benefit from exposure to various aviation companies across the USA
  • Travel to a variety of unique locations based on your selection

With the phenomenal growth in the industry, the chances are good that your ideal job is near your present location.

Or, better yet, the job could take you to a place you had always dreamed of being.

For over two decades, APA Services has been a premier Aviation Contract Services provider collaborating with leading companies in the industry. Staffing key positions with experienced workers in a timely and consistent manner is the critical role that APA Services provides.