We've Been Nominated!

Dec 19, 2022 | kstrickland
worlds staffing award graphic

APA Aviation Staffing has officially been nominated for a World Staffing Award at the World Staffing Summit!

Please take the time today to vote APA Aviation Staffing as one of the Top Staffing Companies to Work for in 2023. We appreciate your vote!

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What is the World Staffing Summit

Presented by, a client portal compatible with Bullhorn, the World Staffing Summit is a virtual event held for staffing companies across the globe to come together, listen to keynote speakers, and learn about how to take your staffing business to the next level. At this year's event on January 24th, 2023, the winners for the Top Staffing Companies to Work for in 2023 and The Top Staffing Leaders to Watch in 2023 will be announced.

Along with 3,300 other nominees, APA Aviation Staffing was honored to have been nominated as a Top Staffing Company to Work for in 2023 this year. Each nomination in this category are organizations who are transforming the staffing industry, offering solutions to its challenges, and setting trends for how to do business more effectively along with staffing companies that are truly driving the industry forward while being great places to work.

About APA Aviation Staffing

APA Services specializes in providing a wide range of Aviation Technicians, each specifically catered to the individual needs of our clients. Our services include providing industry specific contract, contract-to-hire, and direct placement professionals. With APA Services standing behind your business, you will find the personnel to meet your needs. APA Services delivers expertise and talent to the aviation industry. We provide experienced personnel for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft to the FBO Operations, Completion Centers, MRO Facilities, Regulated Aerospace Manufacturing, D.O.D. and other Government Agencies. If you are seeking staffing support and services, you will find that APA Services has the expertise to meet your Company needs in a quick, reliable and efficient style. Our recruiters here at APA are searching for qualified and experienced aviation professionals for positions with the most reputable companies in the industry including maintenance centers, fixed base operations, completion and modification centers and manufacturing.


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