Welcome To Our New Website

APA Services is so excited to roll out our new website to help better serve our contractors and employers. Our hope is that the new design and functionality of our new site will help contractors more easily find top paying aviation jobs, learn about all of the benefits APA offers, and stay up to date on the latest Aviation news.

Here are a few changes with our new site to help you navigate:

Icons At The Top Of The Page


Clock: The clock icon will link APA employees that are required to clock in and out to our Time Keeping system. On the mobile version of the site, you will see “Employee Time Clock Login” in the drop down menu.

Dollar Sign: This icon is your employee login portal where employees can access pay stubs, W2s, enrolled benefit plan, direct deposit enrollment and other policy documents. On mobile, it is “Employee Login Portal” in the drop down menu.

Person: This is your profile icon. If you have created a profile or need to create one, this is where you can easily access it and make any changes.

Phone: This a clickable number so you can easily reach an APA Recruiting professional to assist you.


Browse Jobs

You can now find jobs by trade and region making it easy to find specific jobs in a regional area. We also included an APA Regions map, so you have the ability to see what states are included with our geographical regions.

We hope you enjoy the site as much as we do. Let us know your thoughts on social media and how we can continue to serve you throughout your aviation career!