Top Locations APA Services has to Offer

Apr 11, 2023 | kstrickland
Top Locations

For nearly 24 years, APA Services has been supplying qualified contract aviation mechanics of all trades to clients across the United States. From coast to coast, we ensure that our contractors have access to the best opportunities, competitive pay, referral incentives, and more! We strive to provide the best service possible to each and every one of our contractors, including sourcing the best positions available in the aviation industry within the US.

When it comes to choosing a location, aviation mechanics factor many different priorities into their job search. Salary, cost of living, and proximity to home are a few of those priorities, however, contracting provides an exciting lifestyle with flexibility, independence, and the opportunity to travel and see the country! At APA Services, we provide a plethora of aviation contract opportunities that allow contractors to take their career into their own hands! Below are eight of our top locations we offer at APA Services.


Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is a thriving metropolitan area in Texas, complete with all you could want in a big city lifestyle. With arts and entertainment districts galore, there is always plenty to keep you busy outside of working hours. There's plenty of great food, including famous Texas BBQ, and if you like sports, don't fret! DFW has five professional sports teams, including America's favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys! Since the cost of living is close to the national average and the job market is booming, Dallas-Fort Worth is the perfect place to build your career in the aviation industry. APA Services has six different clients located in the DFW area. Whether you're looking for an A&P mechanic position or an engineer position, we've got it all!


Mobile, AL/Pensacola, FL

Who says contracting work can't double as a vacation? At our client's locations in Mobile, Alabama, and Pensacola, Florida, the beach is only an hour away! Spend your time off work relaxing on the white sandy beaches or enjoying delicious coastal food at one of the endless options of restaurants within either city. The cost of living in both Mobile and Pensacola is lower than the national average, which makes choosing either location the perfect place to contract. At our client in Mobile and Pensacola, we are always looking for valuable contract mechanics for trades like sheetmetal, inspectors, avionics, and more!


Klamath Falls, Oregon

Klamath Falls, Oregon, is home to one of our brand new clients with one of our top paying positions for A&P Mechanics. If you enjoy hiking, fishing, hunting, and other outdoor recreational activities, Klamath Falls is the best place for you to contract! Located in southern Oregon, there are plenty of nature sites to see when you're off the job. With a low cost of living and a peaceful, small town atmosphere, this location in southern Oregon is a perfect opportunity for a high-paying, temporary getaway to the great outdoors!


Greensboro, NC

Greensboro, North Carolina, or "The Gate City", is a booming town filled with culture and arts! If you're looking for a location filled with temperate weather and a ton of parks, lakes, and trails for you to enjoy, Greensboro is the place for you. The cost of living is low, and you won't be disappointed with the amount of sights to see and activities to do while on assignment -- and the delicious restaurants are just a plus! Our client in Greensboro is a contractor-friendly, environment with plenty of opportunities for different trades, such as inspectors, A&P mechanics, interiors, and more.


Rockford, IL

Rockford, IL, a city in northern Illinois, is known for its rich culture and historical significance. Only 90 minutes from downtown Chicago, Rockford is the perfect location for those who enjoy the big-city lifestyle at a fraction of the cost. Rockford has strong ties to the aerospace industry and a low cost of living, which makes it a great potential location for aviation contractors. Enjoy minor league hockey and other various entertainment attractions on your night off, such as the Anderson Japanese Gardens. Rockford, IL, is also home to one of our clients in the MRO sector of the aviation space looking for sheetmetal mechanics and interior technicians!


Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma, provides the best of both worlds for all: an affordable city life and natural beauty! With a number of lakes surrounding the area, there are plenty of picturesque nature walks and parks to enjoy during your time off, while still allowing you to be close to work. Tulsa is also rich with culture and history, arts and entertainment, sports, and more. Tulsa, Oklahoma, is one of APA's top locations for contractors looking to break into the aviation industry, as our client is constantly looking for entry-level candidates with no experience!


Savannah, GA

With beautiful architecture, a rich history, and proximity to the coast, Savannah, Georgia, is a great option for contractors looking to relocate for work. In Savannah, you will never find yourself without anything to do as the city is filled with museums, historic sights, and other activities like concerts, festivals, and more. With Tybee Island only 20 minutes away, the beach is the perfect place to relax after a hard week of work. The affordable housing and delicious Southern cuisine are just the cherry on top when it comes to contracting in Savannah. This location remains a contractor favorite here at APA for all our cabinet finishers, manufacture engineers, painters, and more! 


Tucson, AZ

Last but not least, Tucson, Arizona, is an affordable southwestern city known for having the cleanest air of any major city worldwide. With affordable housing and a hub of entertainment, restaurants, and shopping downtown, Tucson makes a great stop on a contractor's location bucket list. Tucson is also home to some of the most beautiful desertscapes in the United States, such as the Sabino Canyon and the Sonora Desert. With its breathtaking views and lovely weather, our client in Tucson is an ideal opportunity for contractors looking for a Southwestern escape!


If you're ready for your next contracting opportunity, choose APA Services! View our open jobs at and apply today. If you'd like to talk to a recruiter, give us a call at 817-529-4000.