Tips For Creating a Better Aviation Contractor Resume

If you think about it, a perfectly written, well-presented resume that clearly demonstrates your experience and professionalism can change the direction of your entire life. Even as an aviation contractor who may be looking for a shorter-term, high-quality position, being selected based upon the quality of your resume can give you the tools, experience, and contacts that will raise your employability to a whole new level.

Conversely, a poorly presented resume can leave you mired at the same professional level for many years.

Upgrading your resume and cover letters to improve your personal presentation can make a big difference.

Style and Form

Your resume should be neatly presented, easy-to-read, and complete (include all relevant work experience). Make sure you eliminate misspellings and grammatical errors that can detract from the true professional impression you want to project.

Before submitting to anyone, ask someone, whose judgment you trust, to review your resume. Even though you may be the most experienced and highly qualified candidate, your resume reflects who you are. You can trust that your competition is making a special effort to ensure their resumes are perfect.

Make Sure Your Resume is Complete

Remember that your resume should be an ever-changing document intended to demonstrate your most important job skills and experiences. You should update it regularly to reflect your most recent activities.

Make sure your years of experience are clearly presented and leave as few time gaps as possible. If there are gaps, explain why you were not working during that time and what you were doing to improve your competencies during the downtime.

Here are some essential categories you should build upon:

  • Experience Level: What is your experience level within your skillset? Be specific and truthful about the levels of exposure and learning you acquired while working in your area of expertise. List any special assignments and responsibilities. If you have added a new proficiency recently, be sure to include the specific details and responsibilities.
  • Problem Solving: Identify and explain any problem you solved or process you improved while working on recent jobs. Prospective employers like to see how you used your personal initiative to resolve any inefficiency or disruption in the normal routine. Problem-solving shows commitment to success and the ability to recognize a need for improvement.
  • What Types of Aircraft Have You Worked On?: For aviation contract work, having experience with the prospective client’s aircraft type is important. An effective resume should reflect every type you have worked with since this can be an important hiring decision component. Be specific about your work with each type of airplane.

Importance of Having a Great Aviation Contractor Resume

As the demand for qualified aviation workers continues to increase, so does the need for available experienced contractors. Whether for seasonal or project-related employment, the competition for those highly paid, more desirable positions is stiff. Keeping your resume current and ready to go on a moment’s notice is your best strategy.

Importance of Leveraging Your Aviation Staffing Firm for Your Next Job

A competent aviation staffing firms offers many advantages that an aviation contractor working alone does not have. Because many important aviation companies rely on staffing firms to recruit qualified workers,  staffing firms are exposed to the most real-time job openings. Since most vacancies must be filled as quickly as possible with experienced candidates, timeliness is very important.

Facilitate the process and improve your chances by giving your recruiter a well-prepared, attractive resume that tells your story completely and accurately. With an up-to-date story to tell, that recruiter can have your resume in the prospective employers’ hands well before their job requisition period closes.