How To Make More Money as a Contractor This Year

Qualified aviation contractors are in higher demand than ever. Aviation companies are looking for seasonal and project-specific talent to meet rising demand. And some are looking for contractors to fill longer-term needs without adding the extra cost of recruiting, training, and orienting.

For many companies, working with contractors is the logical answer to filling critical positions to get their job done right.

Knowing this, qualified aviation contractors have an opportunity to increase their income and work steadily through the coming years.

So, what are Aviation Companies looking for in a contract worker?

Licenses and Certifications

Contractors who have been certified and hold licenses for specific skills have an advantage over less skilled competitors.  Since one of the principal benefits of contract hiring is to have readily available technicians who can “hit the ground running” without additional training and oversight, most companies will review your certifications that legitimize your experience and job skills.

To become more employable as a contractor, enhancing your portfolio of certifications is essential. If you do not have these, grabbing a lower-paying job for the experience or heading to school to build your resume with new skills may be the answer.

For an aviation mechanic, acquiring your A&P (Airframe and Powerplant) Certification can be your most significant achievement. Because the safety of occupants depends on the aircraft always being perfectly maintained, the FAA has set stringent standards for achieving this level of certification.

While the time required for study preparation to pass the written, oral and practical tests to earn A&P Certification may vary, candidates usually spend up to 1900 hours over two years at an FAA-approved part 147 aviation school. Alternatively, some candidates qualify after 30 months of combined work experience.

The A&P Certification places you in a uniquely qualified group of aviation mechanics.  With this certification, adding further experience working on a range of aircraft types will further enhance your qualifications and increase your earning potential.

Other Certifications in Aviation

If you are hoping to advance in areas other than aircraft maintenance, many schools offer degrees and certifications in fields of study for top jobs in:

  • Avionics
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Aviation Safety Inspection
  • Flight Instruction
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Flight Attendant

Continue to Increase Your Portfolio of Experience

If your resume needs rounding out to allow you to compete for more jobs, work closely with your staffing team to find positions that will expose you to more types of aircraft, additional functions and responsibilities, and even supervisory opportunities. These experiences will broaden your resume and make you a more qualified candidate for your next job.

Build Your List of Work References

Every job you have completed can become a vital reference for future opportunities. To enhance your value, make sure you are reliable, always on time, and committed to work excellence.

Similarly, to maintain the full support of your staffing firm, always respond quickly and positively, keep your resume up-to-date, and show genuine enthusiasm for new opportunities. Quality contractors are judged by their interaction with others and past performance in addition to the all-important skills and certifications.

Positive, Flexible, and Ready to Go

Your staffing firm plays favorites with contractors whom they can count on doing a great job. The individual must be willing to relocate on a moment’s notice and have the financial wherewithal and transportation to move to the next assignment when needed.

A positive attitude, excellent track record, commitment to detail, an up-to-date resume, and the necessary certifications will get you access to the better jobs, sometimes even before the requisitions are made public. Staffing firms will call you first with new assignments and can put you before the client before others are aware of the opening.