How To Get A Better Contract Job In 2020


The contract job market is expanding as the aviation industry continues to grow. Many aviation companies have long recognized the many benefits of choosing proven, experienced contractors to:

  • Help them survive peak activity periods.
  • Enjoy a right-sized, just-in-time labor force.
  • Better manage their labor costs.
  • Reduce the headaches of trying to maintain full-time staff for all functions,

As well, experienced contract workers appreciate the freedom and flexibility to apply their skills and experience to a wide range of situations. In the current high demand environment, some may even generate more income over a shorter period than their full-time counterparts.

Choosing a Contract House

To meet their short or long-term needs for experienced workers, aviation companies prefer to supplement their workforce with qualified and dependable contract workers. And, if you are an aviation contractor, you can leverage an experienced aviation contract house that already has staffing relationships with aviation companies.   

For contractors, working with a high-quality contract house like APA Services can provide many benefits. Experienced contract houses are in the know with regards to which employers are hiring, what skilled positions they are seeking and what the compensation packages look like for each position.  There is no cost to the contractor for working with a contract house or acquiring a job through a contract house and most clients post their contract resource needs exclusively through contract houses rather than on their own career page. 

Consider APA Services

APA Services is one of the top contract houses in the nation. A full-service staffing agency, APA maintains a lengthy list of positions that are currently available.

And, if APA does not have the exact contract job that grabs your interest, they are continuously learning of new opportunities each day and they will add your preferences to their database so that as soon as that preferred job becomes available, they can reach out to you. 

Sticking with an industry leading contract house like APA throughout your career has additional benefits such as less onboarding paperwork to manage and a single W-2 at tax time and less pre-employment drug-testing.

APA’s Job Board

Reflective of the growing demand for experienced aviation workers, APA’s Job Board lists hundreds of open positions in each region of the country. These include:

  • A&P Mechanics
  • Avionics Technicians
  • CNC Machinists
  • Sheetmetal Technicians
  • Aircraft Inspectors
  • Interior Installers
  • Upholsterers
  • Aircraft Painters
  • Quality Inspectors
  • And much more

Advantages of Working at APA

Besides the continuous stream of high-quality contract job opportunities, APA offers a weekly paycheck, travel expenses to specified jobs, and available health care programs following sixty days of employment. In certain instances, your housing will be free or deeply discounted, allowing you to take home even more of your pay.

The company will also pay advances, as needed, to help you move into your new job.

APA attracts the highest paying clients in the industry and provides retention pay for top performers at specific clients. The company offers excellent support services for their employees, and its industry-leading contractor referral program can advance your earning potential substantially with the ability to earn over $700 per year for just one contractor referral.

APA makes job changes simpler by having a dedicated recruiter assist you with finding jobs based on your preferred locations and pay. 

Phone a Recruiter at APA Services

Successful aviation contractors enjoy careers that pay well and offer plenty of opportunities to learn and grow in a variety of environments. Expand your resume by learning how different aviation companies operate as you experience new places and broaden your industry contacts.

If you are an aviation contract worker or wish to become one, visit the APA Recruiter Website to get started. Enter your email address and follow the instructions that follow.

Alternatively, you can phone an APA Recruiter directly at (817)529-4000.