How Aviation Contractors Can Capitalize During the Holiday Season


Even though work activity in general begins to wind down for the end-of-the-year holiday season, there is still work to be found for those contractors that wants to put a little extra cash in their pocket.  These contractors may just have to be a little more diligent at being proactive and keep their eyes on aviation job boards and leverage staffing agencies to local the job openings timely. 

As a contract worker, the season also affords you a chance to reflect on prior year, regroup and prepare for the opportunities of the coming new year. You may be returning to their current situation when the holidays are over. In other cases, you might be starting fresh in a different contract job with a new company in a new location and will begin to face new challenges.

And, since you may have additional job experience under your belt, the end of the year is a great time to spruce up your resume.  Keeping your resume current and professional will always enhance your chances of even better jobs.

Get Ready for New Experiences

In January 2020, the aviation industry will spring back into action and facilities conducting maintenance, repair, overhaul or manufacturing activities will quickly ramp up production and staff up accordingly.  Demand in commercial, corporate, and private sectors is rising at a spectacular rate. Contract workers will be in higher demand than ever as companies seek to fill positions quickly with experienced workers to meet demand.

These companies will also need to move quickly to replace workers who have retired or moved on to other opportunities.

Aviation contract work brings new opportunities each year. Many aviation employers cannot afford to spend valuable time and resources recruiting, orienting, and training new employees for new positions. Instead, they want experienced hands who can “hit the ground running.”

Update Your Resume

The holiday season creates the opportunity to either prepare for your new job or begin the search for another. To remain current, you should be adding your most recent job experiences to your resume. Every little bit counts as employee-strapped employers look for candidates that match specific experience profiles.

Don’t forget to add any new educational experiences or training programs that you may have obtained since the last time you revised your resume.  

Earn More

Alternatively, the demand for some contract workers increases during this time as companies look for skilled temporary employees to provide holiday relief for their full-time staff.  For an aviation contract worker, this can be an opportunity to gain new experience and add some additional income. Working as a holiday replacement is an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and add knowledge to your growing resume.

Each different company that you work for provides a new perspective and an alternative approach to various tasks. Each experience will bolster your portfolio substantially.