Constant Cash Florida Trip Recap

Constant Cash Team in Florida

This past month, APA Services Contractor Advocate team went out to Florida to host several contractor appreciation events, talk about Constant Cash, and visit a few client locations. Rachel and Briana spent several days connecting with clients, contractors, and our Jacksonville team. They were able to tour a few of our on-site locations to see our hardworking contractors in action and in the evenings hosted bowling events where they raffled off Constant Cash Swag and gave more information about the Constant Cash by APA referral program and how it helps contractors earn extra income, every single month. Now that they have returned to the Fort Worth Corporate office, we wanted to hear all about their trip!


What cities did y’all visit – and what was your favorite part about each location?

  • Rachel: My favorite part at all three cities we visited was explaining out contractor advocate team to our clients and how it will help at their level. I also enjoyed meeting all the contractors that used to work for me. It was really special getting to spend time with them, see where they are working and even what they are working on. I have never met most of them in person but have talked with them so often that it was really neat to see what they are up to now.
  • Briana: We went to Jacksonville, Lake city, and Tampa – My personal favorite was Jacksonville. It is so pretty and the beach is amazing, nice weather and very friendly people. Tampa was a very extraordinary city to see, there are a lot of art pieces when you’re coming into Tampa and of course the beach is very pretty as well but the food!! Food is 10/10. Lake City is very small and quiet town , if you blink you miss it. Wholesome people who will treat you like family.

What is each of your favorite memories from the trip?

  • Rachel: I loved getting to spend time with my coworkers, especially the Jacksonville team and getting to work alongside them a little bit. Also getting to meet all the contractors in Florida and hearing about their lives and jobs.
  • Briana: Must be waking up to the beach in Jacksonville and getting to look for seashells with Rachel. Also bowling with some amazing and fun contractors.

At each site, you hosted contractor appreciation events bowling & to talk about Constant Cash – what was that like? What was your favorite part about the events?

  • Rachel: Honestly, it was amazing. I loved being able to explain to them how they can make extra money with our Constant Cash program. Some of them didn't fully understand the bigger scope of the program. I also loved showing them the Constant Cash website. It was just overall more personal and engaging to talk about it in person and show them that it really is a program designed to help them.
  • Briana: My favorite part will always be meeting the contractors face to face and seeing their families. It's always nice to see them interact outside of work and get to be themselves and bowling was just a plus. Just a fun experience and got to share a lot of laughs.

You gave out some pretty sweet Constant Cash swag to some contractors – what was their reaction?

  • Rachel: Some of the contractors were quite literally jumping for joy. They were all so excited and loved the designs - especially the hoodies. Pretty much everyone wanted something. They all also loved the beanies and the stickers.
  • Briana:  Everyone’s eyes went to the swag as soon as they walked in. They were excited for black shirts and complimented the design; I think it made Rachel feel very proud since she designed it herself. It made a friendly competition since they had to win it but everyone loves it and we’re excited to see contractors wear it.

You guys were also able to go on-site at a few of our clients out in Florida – what was that like? What was your favorite part about that?

  • Rachel: It was really fun. Although I've been on-site before, I love seeing each clients set up. At one of the facilities, we got to actually go inside a gutted plane and be in the live cockpit. It was cool. Also getting to talk with our clients and getting to know their story. A lot of the managers had family that introduced them to the industry, so it was awesome hearing about that.
  • Briana: It was such an unreal moment, very breathtaking to walk the site and see the contractors work on the planes. We also got a very special experience at one site. The lead gave us a tour of an actual plane that they were working on . We got to go inside and see how they take it apart and even got to go into the pilot’s cabin/cockpit . It’s just something I would never forget. Getting to meet each manager onsite and getting to connect with them and tell them about the contractor advocate team and have all them say how amazing it is will always stick with me and give me a warm feeling that I’m making a difference in a contractors life.  

If you are interested in hearing more about our Constant Cash referral program and how it can help make you extra cash every month just by referring your friends to APA Services, visit or call Rachel at 469-458-2274.