Why Getting Your A&P License is One of the Best Decisions You Can Make

Nov 20, 2019

Aircraft maintenance technicians are the vital caretakers of safety in the aviation industry. Keeping aircraft in top condition, performing regular preventative maintenance, and being able to spot issues before they become serious are the responsibilities of these specialists. Their role in passenger safety is as critical as that of the pilots and crews that operate the aircraft.


The Essentials That Every Aviation Contractor Should Know

Nov 13, 2019

As an independent aviation contractor, keeping your credentials current is critical. Opportunities for great jobs in highly desirable locations can pop up with little notice, and your chance to qualify can disappear if you are not prepared to act.


Can You Train Online for Avionics?

Nov 06, 2019

Yes! Indeed, there are many colleges and universities currently offering a wide range of aviation courses online. If you intend to pursue a career in avionics, you’re encouraged to review these courses, find a great one, and enroll.


How Women Are Overcoming A Male Dominated Industry

Oct 30, 2019

The aviation industry is facing a crisis. Due to rising global demand in passenger travel, freight transport, and private aviation in the coming decades, industry leaders are predicting a dire shortage of pilots, engineers, aircraft mechanics, and other key positions.


10 Highest Paying Jobs in the Aviation Industry

Oct 17, 2019

The aviation industry is one of the most lucrative the USA today!   Jobs are abundant and companies are willing to PAY top dollar to recruit the best talent.  Even with recent economic hurdles occasioned by buttoned-down security and sky-high fuel prices, it remains one of the best paying careers. 


What is the Fate of Small Narrow-body Aircraft?

Oct 03, 2019

Single-aisle or small narrow-body commercial aircraft have played an important role in commercial aviation for many decades. These airplanes have cabins measuring 13-feet or less in width and seat up to six passengers abreast. Wide-bodied airliners like the B-747, DC-10, and L-1011 were workhorses introduced in the late 1960s with two aisles and were configured for up to 7-10 passengers in each row. The largest wide-body passenger airplane in the history, the Airbus A380, carries up to 853 passengers in a single-class configuration. Narrow-body aircraft, however, have been extremely popular in recent years as the principal option for regional transport.


Welcome To Our New Website

Oct 02, 2019

APA Services is so excited to roll out our new website to help better serve our contractors and employers. Our hope is that the new design and functionality of our new site will help contractors more easily find top paying aviation jobs, learn about all of the benefits APA offers, and stay up to date on the latest Aviation news.