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Rolls Royce and EasyJet begin testing Hydrogen Fuel Powered Engines. Is this the future of aviation fuels?

It is no surprise that the Hydrogen Fuel topic has risen to the ranks in the past 10 years as a promising future of aviation fueling. However, the limitations on cost, infrastructure, and transportation have kept this experiment at bay for as long as it has been discussed. Fortunately for us, Rolls Royce has announced a new partnership with Easy Jet which will enable them to develop and test hydrogen combustion engine technology for aircraft.

Commercial airplane catches fire after landing gear collapses at Miami International Airport

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A commercial airplane whose landing gear collapsed upon arrival Tuesday at Miami International Airport caught fire, officials said, sending passengers and crew scrambling to get to safety.

Tips For Creating a Better Aviation Contractor Resume

If you think about it, a perfectly written, well-presented resume that clearly demonstrates your experience and professionalism can change the direction of your entire life. Even as an aviation contractor who may be looking for a shorter-term, high-quality position, being selected based upon the quality of your resume can give you the tools, experience, and contacts that will raise your employability to a whole new level.

Top Cities For Aviation Jobs

For aviation workers, where you live can be a huge factor during a job search. While you’re free to submit applications to any employer from any corner of the country, living in certain cities or metros significantly increases your chances of not only landing that dream job but also getting potentially a hirer payrate and a great work-life balance.