MRO Americas 2023: Recap with Vinnie Gitto

Atlanta, Georgia

Last week, APA Services was represented by senior aviation recruiter Vincent Gitto at the MRO Americas 2023 in Atlanta, GA. Vinnie got the chance to visit with a multitude of current and potential clients as well as other large name businesses in the aerospace industry. After the conference, we sat down with Gitto to get his full take on the event. Here's a little recap of all Vinnie had to say about his day spent at the MRO Americas 2023, along with some fun insight into his passion for the aviation industry!


MRO Americas 2023 Recap

The MRO Americas is a leading event in the region for the commercial air transport repair, maintenance and overhaul industry. Once a year, the conference brings togethers leaders and innovators from across the globe representing the most trusted brands and organizations in the aviation industry. For APA Services, a top tier contract house in the aviation staffing space, we had the pleasure of being represented at this year's conference last week by Vincent Gitto, senior aviation recruiter. "It was big and it was crowded", Vinnie said about the conference last week. "Hundreds of exhibitors and companies there in all different areas and almost all of our MRO clients were there." With over 850 exhibitors this year, there were quite a few stops Vinnie was able to make during his time at the event. Gitto spent his day at the MRO Americas networking with potential clients in the MRO sectors of the aviation industry and seeing familiar faces, such as our current client base that were in attendance. "It's important that we get our name out there to potential clients that we don't work with right now and let them know that we're available to help them with their needs and partner with them. And also to touch base with our current clients that we don't get to see often, you know just stopping and saying hello, make sure everything is good." Vinnie also expressed his gratefulness to have been chosen to represent APA Services at this year's event and how it will benefit his career in the aviation space. "It helps get my name out there, meet people face to face, and some people remembered me from last year."

Next year's event will be held in Chicago, IL from April 9-11, 2024. APA Services is already looking forward to next year and the opportunities that lie ahead.

If you're an aviation client in search of a contract house to help with your staffing needs, contact Vinnie at (337) 343-1262 or submit an inquiry here


About Vinnie Gitto

Vinnie Gitto is a senior aviation recruiter at APA Services. After serving in the Army for seventeen years, Vinnie decided to pursue a career in an industry he is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about - aviation. In 2015, he landed his first role as an aviation recruiter. Five years later, Vinnie joined the APA Services team where he is a valued recruiter who is well-liked among our contractors! When asked about his interest in the aviation industry, Gitto stated "I don't know what makes me passionate about the aviation industry, I just am." He reflected on his time as a teenager when him and his brother would visit the Orlando Airport to watch planes take off and land at the runway. "We would just lay in the back of the truck while the planes were coming overhead. And they're like literally only 300-500 feet up, like you could almost throw a baseball at them and hit them, that's how low they were. And that's obviously when I was an older teenager, 18, 19, but I've just always been into it. Not so much on the mechanics side of it, but like could I tell you what the airlines had in their fleets," said Gitto.

Since his time at APA Services, his knowledge has been a huge factor in his success. One contractor, Javier Z., commented on Gitto "There's a difference between Vinnie and someone else who is like okay this is my job and I’m getting paid… I talk to Vinnie I can tell him specific jobs that I’m doing and he understands everything that I’m saying, so I really enjoy that about Vinnie."

If you're looking for your next aviation contract mechanic opportunity, contact Vinnie at (337) 343-1262 or by email at