APA Services 2nd Annual Aviation Career Fair in Tulsa, OK!

APA Services 2nd Annual Aviation Career Fair in Tulsa, OK!

APA Services 2nd Annual Aviation Career Fair


APA Services is pleased to invite you to attend their 2nd annual aviation career fair in Tulsa, OK

APA’s industry representatives will be onsite to speak to applicants about the 200+ aviation and aerospace vacancies that they are working to fill in the Tulsa and Greater Oklahoma area.   Recruiters will be screening applicants and facilitating same day interviews with qualified candidates. 

Job Seekers of all experience levels are encouraged to attend! Position vacancies range from entry level (no previous aviation experience required) to skilled trades to degreed engineers. 

Check out a few of the jobs that we are filling below:

High Volume Entry Level Openings (Additional Trades Available):

  • Material Handler
  • Composite Assistant
  • Utility Worker
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Toolmaker Assistant
  • Sheet metal Mechanic Assistant
  • Fabricator Assistant
  • Deburr Assistant

High Volume Skilled Trade Openings (Additional Trades Available):

  • A&P Mechanic
  • Sheet metal Mechanic
  • Avionics Technician
  • Composite Technician
  • Cabinet Maker
  • Cabinet painter/finisher
  • Acrylic Fabricator
  • Upholstery Technician
  • Aircraft Painter
  • Quality Inspector
  • Metrology Technician

Degreed Level Openings:

  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Liaison Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Metrology Engineer

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Thanks for sending me here Suzy. You are a wonderful recruiter! In fact you are my favorite recruiter of all the contract houses I have ever worked for! And I have worked for a lot of contract agencies in the past 18 years. You always take great care of me! It is a pleasure having you on my team!!!

Jimmy M.

APA has taken care of me for the past 10 years and I will never work for another contract company! They treat me great!

Jonathan H

Jim and Nicole, Greetings! I wanted to drop a quick note to you both, and express my gratitude for the job Kory did for my family and I. Kory recently helped my family and I land a direct hire, Lead Mechanic position! He stuck with me until I was sure of exactly what I wanted to land, he listened, and then went after it. He brought several options back to me according to my experience level, and never rushed us as we decided what we needed as a family. He checked back with me, returned calls, and kept me in the loop with out being high pressure. My experience with Kory, is that he is a top notch, "does what he says" employee. He is a credit to your organization and a talented individual. If and when I am in need of a recruiter again, or when I meet with another young man or woman who is, I will certainly pass Kory's name and contact info along- he's top shelf and the kind of employee that gives his employer increasing credibility. Thanks again. Craig

Direct Placement Success Story!

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