Autoclave Operator Tech II

Autoclave Operator Tech II

Reference Number: 140561
Posted: 09/27/2018
Locations: Tulsa, OK

Job Summary:

In a team oriented work environment, under moderate supervision assists with the set up and operation of autoclaves and auxiliary equipment to cure and bond metallic, fiberglass and carbon fiber aircraft parts in a production environment.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • 1. Basic set up and operation of autoclaves and auxiliary equipment to cure and bond metallic and nonmetallic aircraft parts and assemblies according to Gulfstream specifications. 2. Reads and interprets electronic travel documents and related paper work 3. Assists with the selection of parts and assemblies for simultaneous bonding, based on similarity of processing requirements and autoclave capacity. 4. Assists with the arrangement of bonding racks and tools containing parts and assemblies and strategically loads and positions racks in autoclaves. 5. Connects thermocouples and vacuum lines to fittings on parts and ports and thermocouple plugs inside the autoclave. 6. Populates and confirms required part number, thermocouple and vacuum port information into autoclave computerized operating system. 7. Adjusts manual controls and/or enters commands into computerized operating system to regulate and activate autoclave power supply, cooling system, vacuum, heat and pressure gauges and recorders. 8. Monitors instruments, switches, and recorders and listens for warning signals during autoclave operation to ensure conformance to specifications. 9. Maintains a neat and orderly work area, supports the company FOD and 5S program, and complies with all safety regulations. 10. Retrieves lay-up tools from tool storage and preps, releases and places tools in bond room for lay-up operation. 11. Break down and cleaning of tools containing cured parts. 12. Storing of cleaned tools in specified storage area. 13. Ensures that parts, lab samples, and related paper work are processed and taken to proper location.


  • High School diploma or GED. Two (2) years related autoclave operational experience.
  • 1. Must have a basic knowledge of computers and related operational systems 2. Must have valid drivers license to obtain GAC cart and forklift license 3. Must possess and use a Q-Stamp to include all approved processes associated with autoclave operations. New hires will be required to obtain a Q-Stamp and should have autoclave certification within twelve (12) months. 4. Must be able to read and interpret blue prints. 5. Must be skilled in the use of special tools and equipment to include precision measuring devices such as 6" scale, 1" micrometer, 6" dial caliper. 6. Must have good operational understanding of overhead cranes, forklifts and electric tow mules and all other tools required to perform the job 7. Must have basic ability to read, comprehend and implement Gulfstream manufacturing procedures as well as the mathematical ability to calculate autoclave run times, appropriate temperature/pressure settings and expiration date and times for parts being bonded.

About Our Client:

Our client has led the evolution of business and personal aviation since the 1958 debut of the world’s first purpose-built business aircraft

Today, they produce the world’s most advanced business aircraft, with innovations from nose to tail and wingtip to wingtip, all while offering unmatched global product support and service.

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APA Services, Inc. is a full service staffing company supplying qualified technical and professional employees to the most reputable companies in the Aerospace/Aircraft industry—across the United States and abroad.

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Thanks for sending me here Suzy. You are a wonderful recruiter! In fact you are my favorite recruiter of all the contract houses I have ever worked for! And I have worked for a lot of contract agencies in the past 18 years. You always take great care of me! It is a pleasure having you on my team!!!

Jimmy M.

Just wanted to let you know that this is a great company to work for and I have worked for many in 21 years.

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