Production Operator Assistant

Production Operator Assistant

Reference Number: 14885BR
Posted: 08/30/2018
Locations: tulsa, ok

Job Summary:

Applies basic, and some intermediate technical skills and knowledge to set up and operate the process equipment used to stretch, saw, grind and polish and otherwise complete the processing of acrylic billets into finished acrylic sheets of material for use in making transparencies for operational aircraft applications.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Performs tasks and operate machines and equipment that are required to process acrylic material used to make transparencies into parts and assemblies such as wing tip lenses, flight deck, passenger cabin and helicopter windows used on operational aircraft.
  • Reads blueprint, work instructions and planning documents to understand the specifications that are needed to produce quality material.
  • Determine how such items as oven temperature, heating time, dimensions, tolerances, material cutting, polish machine speeds, holding fixtures, and other operations affect the outcome of the production process.
  • Prepares acrylic billet material for the pre-stretch heating cycle.
  • Places prepared billets into the oven using various types of material handling equipment and set the temperature controls.
  • Lifts and positions heated material into the holding fixture, sets the machine controls and completes the stretching process.
  • Operates band saw to cut material to size indicated on the planning documents.
  • Places material to be cut onto the saw table surface using various types of material handling equipment.
  • Starts machine and activate controls to complete the sawing process.
  • Places stretched acrylic material on the grinding/polishing table using various types of material handling equipment.
  • Activates vacuum hold down equipment and ensure material is held immovable to the grind/polish machine table.
  • Adjust machine controls to bring polishing wheel into contact with the material.
  • Turns valves to regulate flow of water into polishing head and starts machine.
  • Examines finished material to determine conformance of finish and deformities specifications.
  • Mark or otherwise indicate non-conforming areas of the finished acrylic sheet.
  • Replaces worn grinding and surface conditioning discs and maintains machine in operating condition.


  • HS Diploma or GED

About Our Client:

This client is headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has an International footprint. As a manufacturer, supplier, and MRO, our client has diversified to become a major aerospace player in multiple arenas. This client desires candidates that are seeking long term commitments with the opportunity to become direct employees of the organization.

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APA Services, Inc. is a full service staffing company supplying qualified technical and professional employees to the most reputable companies in the Aerospace/Aircraft industry—across the United States and abroad.

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