General Utility

General Utility

Reference Number: 13951BR
Posted: 11/03/2017
Locations: Tulsa, OK


Summary Statement:

Applies knowledge of general work and basic production procedures to perform tasks in any department or any location within the plant or on Company property or elsewhere as assigned that require basic mental and motor skills to perform.

Essential Functions and Key Responsibilities:

Performs a variety of routine duties related to the area to which assigned. Applies standard solutions to problems or work situations of a routine or repetitive nature. Work operations are closely supervised by supervision or work instructions requiring little or no judgment.

Typical Assignments are:
Read and comprehends and follows written and verbal instructions to perform any of the detailed work operations required to be completed in the assigned area.

Reads work order or follows oral instructions to perform manufacturing operations such as mixing and pouring paraplast tools, clean and prepare parts for application of alodine, paint and primer, and assisting in other process, fabrication or assembly operations as required.

Conveys materials or tools to and from storage or work sites to designated area to designated manufacturing areas. Work in tool and equipment storage areas to catalogue and inventory tools and equipment.

Lifts heavy objects by hand or with power hoist to assist machine operators. Cleans work area, machines, tools, and equipment.

Assists in shipping operations to build or assemble crates for shipping products such as aircraft parts or equipment.

Moves or removes loose materials such as sand, gravel, metals, plastics, or chemicals. Picks up and trucks scrap and trash from work areas.

Ancillary Job Functions and Responsibilities:

Perform other duties as required. These duties may include assignments in job classifications other than the primary assignment.


Formal Education, Training and Work Experience
Experience may be substituted for the formal education and training requirements in this section at the discretion of management. High school diploma or equivalent.


APA has taken care of me for the past 10 years and I will never work for another contract company! They treat me great!

Jonathan H

Just wanted to let you know that this is a great company to work for and I have worked for many in 21 years.

Randy G

I really appreciate the open lines of communication throughout my contract

Marko S

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