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Job Openings

Tool Attendant-Entry Level-TXReference Number: 07/16/2015 EB-773224

Upholstery Technician IIReference Number: 07/16/2015-EB-201209

Productions Coordinator BReference Number: 07/16/2015EB-6887976

Product Acceptance Spec BReference Number: 7/16/2015 EB-2124297

Electrical Applications EngineReference Number: 07/16/2015 EB-167571

Tool & Fixture Specialist BReference Number: 7/16/2015 EB-1994205

Interior Installer/CompletionsReference Number: 07/16/2015-EB-377005

Production Coordinator A- AZReference Number: 07/16/2015 EB-455811

Production Coordinator AReference Number: 7/16/2015 EB-1499689

Electronics Systems EngineerinReference Number: 07/16/2015 EB-120222



Thanks for sending me here Suzy. You are a wonderful recruiter! In fact you are my favorite recruiter of all the contract houses I have ever worked for! And I have worked for a lot of contract agencies in the past 18 years. You always take great care of me! It is a pleasure having you on my team!!!

Jimmy M.

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