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Job Openings

Job Openings

VIP Cabinet MakerReference Number: 06/24/2014 EB-112228

A&P Mechanic IIReference Number: 06/10/2014-EB-431022

Upholstery TechReference Number: 6/2/2014-EB-144971

A&P Technician, Sr.Reference Number: 06/13/2014-EB-547935

Avionics Technicians (R/E)****Reference Number: 07/08/2014-EB-178956

A&P Mechanic IIReference Number: 07/14/2014-EB-13423

Cabinet BuilderReference Number: 07/15/2014-EB-733625

CNC MachinestReference Number: 06/27/2014EB-1536106

Paint prepp Tech-Reference Number: 07/01/2014-EB-998606

Aircraft Painter IReference Number: 07/22/2014-EB-106362



I really appreciate the open lines of communication throughout my contract

Marko Sajich

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