Key Benefits to Employers

Key Benefits to Employers

When you need to meet market demands, APA is there to satisfy your immediate staffing needs and assist you with long or short term personnel goals. With a number of staffing programs, you can trust that your requirements will always be met with APA.


Worker’s Compensation/General Liability Insurance

APA provides Worker's Compensation and General Liability insurance with A rated insurers on a nation-wide basis.

Upon request, we are happy to provide Certificates of Insurance with our customers noted as the Certificate Holder. Ask your sales representative for more information about our comprehensive insurance coverage.

Flexible Staffing Programs

APA Services offers several staffing programs that can be tailored to meet the specifications of our clients' staffing requirements. These programs range from Direct Placement through temporary/contract services - a brief description of each program and its pricing methodology follows.

Direct Placement
Used by many companies to fill permanent positions within their organization. The process requires a lengthy process of position assessment and candidate evaluation leading to an offer of direct employment. Fees for the services are based upon a percentage of the first year's annual compensation.
Temporary to Permanent
This staffing program is becoming more popular as the preferred method of filling permanent positions. Several clients have found that the "try before you buy" aspect of the Temp-to-Perm program allows them the flexibility to see if a candidate is truly a fit for their organization before they make the commitment to bringing the candidate on board. Pricing for this program is based on a negotiated percentage mark up over the direct labor rate set by the client company. The normal period for this program is 120 days under contract before the candidate can accept an offer of direct employment from the client. At the time of acceptance by the candidate, the client company does not pay any additional fees.
This staffing program is the most commonly used in our industry as it provides our clients with the ability to quickly bring highly qualified personnel on board to handle a sudden spike in workload and then allows them to reduce their workforce just as rapidly when the workload decreases. There are two methodologies for pricing for this program:
  • Two Tier Pricing (straight time & overtime)
  • Flat Rate

Depending on the workload and time requirements, the best methodology is used to save the client money and to insure that the candidates are compensated adequately for their time.


APA's Services have helped our company grow with less overhead. They find us the people we need when we need them.

Leonard K.

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