APA Promise

APA Promise

APA Services strives to find the right job for each individual. When APA places an employee with one of our clients, we do so with the intentions that our employees will stay through the duration of the contract assignment. However, APA does understand that situations can and will change. That’s why we have implemented the APA Promise.

We promise that if your situation changes and you must leave a contract assignment, we will work with you, to find another more suitable assignment, and our client to backfill the vacancy. The APA Promise benefits all parties. You are able to gain employment in a situation that better meets your personal needs, our clients are able to maintain their operations and productivity and APA is able to meet our obligations and maintain both a satisfied employee and client. Rest assured, APA understands that life situations change and we commit to work with you to make your employment experience the best it can be.

Whether personal obligations or other reasons necessitate a change in assignment, please contact us and provide us the opportunity to facilitate the changes in a mutually beneficial manner.



I really appreciate the open lines of communication throughout my contract

Marko S

Jim and Nicole, Greetings! I wanted to drop a quick note to you both, and express my gratitude for the job Kory did for my family and I. Kory recently helped my family and I land a direct hire, Lead Mechanic position! He stuck with me until I was sure of exactly what I wanted to land, he listened, and then went after it. He brought several options back to me according to my experience level, and never rushed us as we decided what we needed as a family. He checked back with me, returned calls, and kept me in the loop with out being high pressure. My experience with Kory, is that he is a top notch, "does what he says" employee. He is a credit to your organization and a talented individual. If and when I am in need of a recruiter again, or when I meet with another young man or woman who is, I will certainly pass Kory's name and contact info along- he's top shelf and the kind of employee that gives his employer increasing credibility. Thanks again. Craig

Direct Placement Success Story!

Betty is the worlds greatest recruiter! She has helped me find work more times than I can count!

Kenny S

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