The APA Advantage

The APA Advantage

Aviation is our industry...the only industry we serve.  We are aviation professionals passionate about the aviation industry.   We understand the aviation industry's cyclic nature and prosper during the good times then, tighten our belts during the difficult.  And, we find ways to do the extraordinary in making our company better while serving our clients and contributing to the overall recovery and growth of the aviation industry.

At APA Services, we have a service theme incorporated which is representative of our culture.  Simply, it is:

  • We serve and contribute to the growth of the Aircraft Manufacturing; Repair; Overhaul: and, Modification sectors specifically within the Corporate, Commercial, and Military industries.
  • To our clients:  Our commitment is to provide skilled, qualified, and professional aviation technical personnel, as well as, be a strategic partner towards achieving our client company's aviation Staffing goals and objectives.
  • To our APA Employees: As their employer of choice, our commitment is to provide quality services to attract, develop, motivate and retain a professional aviation workforce within a supportive work environment. Our goal is to foster an environment that attracts and inspires excellence in people so APA Services is successful in its mission and commitment to both employees and clients.

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Really appreciates that we are on top of everything. He loves how caring we are! He is especially loving the APA Cares Program.

Anthony H

Betty is the worlds greatest recruiter! She has helped me find work more times than I can count!

Kenny S

Jim and Nicole, Greetings! I wanted to drop a quick note to you both, and express my gratitude for the job Kory did for my family and I. Kory recently helped my family and I land a direct hire, Lead Mechanic position! He stuck with me until I was sure of exactly what I wanted to land, he listened, and then went after it. He brought several options back to me according to my experience level, and never rushed us as we decided what we needed as a family. He checked back with me, returned calls, and kept me in the loop with out being high pressure. My experience with Kory, is that he is a top notch, "does what he says" employee. He is a credit to your organization and a talented individual. If and when I am in need of a recruiter again, or when I meet with another young man or woman who is, I will certainly pass Kory's name and contact info along- he's top shelf and the kind of employee that gives his employer increasing credibility. Thanks again. Craig

Direct Placement Success Story!

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